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Book Review

JPod Jacket Cover

JPod by Douglas Coupland is a book I’ve started reading. Two words stood out when I read the inside of the jacket; Vancouver and Technogeeks. Within the first 20 pages, there's a dead body. I’ll keep you posted.


Paul Vanderhoek’s Airbrush Studio
Screenshot of Paul Vanderhoek's StudioAhhh, the very first site I designed when taking night classes! If you look at the source code you will notice it has a table layout which was how the class was taught. The next class I took, I learned about CSS and have never looked back. This site was hand coded in Notepad. "My fingers!!!"
Frost Recreation Web Site
Screenshot of Frost RecreationIn this project, I was referred to the Athletic Director by a former teacher of mine to build a web site for the recreation department. Before, all that was there was some contact information which hadn’t been updated since 1999. My goal was to design a site which utilized the branding of Fleming College and combine it with the aspects of sports. I incorporated the school’s colours as much as possible into the header and navigation as sports teams are distinguished by colours. A linear layout was used as most playing surfaces are square, straight and outlined. The title, 'Frost Recreation', was designed to give it a bit of attitude, arrogance.
J'net's Bakery
Screenshot of Jnet's BakeryMy sister loves to bake and my taste buds tell me that she does an amazing job at it. This was a school assignment I did over a year ago which I would like to finish when my program is over. I would like to tweak it a bit and add more content. I used warm colours as baking involves using an oven. The photos I put centre stage as they are the main attraction to the web site and to show off my sister’s creativity.
Sample Code
Screenshot of the code for Jnet's BakeryThis is my style when it comes to writing code. Jnet’s Bakery is a simple site that was hand coded using Notepad. It is an earlier example. Now, I indent even more when it comes to parent-child relationships between elements. I do my best when it comes to naming conventions for ids and classes to make sure that they are understandable to others.
Kawartha Senior Soccer League
Screenshot of KSSLApparently I have too much stress in my life and one avenue I use to let it out is by playing soccer. I’ve been playing soccer for the past quarter century and I’m sure I’ll be playing for another 25. Anyways, last year I volunteered my time to build and maintain the local city league’s web site. This year, someone else is looking after it and it has been redesigned but I kept a working copy on my site. My goal was to have a clean, simple look. Green was a natural colour to use to represent the soccer fields but also it is a colour associated with the city. The layout was designed for 1024x768 resolution so the visitor wouldn't have to use the browser’s scrollbar to view up and down the site, to give the illusion that it is being viewed as if it was a portal. I’m still quite happy how this one turned out.
The gorps Web Blog
Screenshot of Pesonal BlogMy first attempt at ColdFusion! I eventually want to have a blog so this is one I built in my HTML & Apps course. Where’s the fun in signing up at some site and having to fill out forms to get a blog account when I can build one at home??? It has been neat-O discovering the ColdFusion language and all the stuff you can do with it. Also, there’s some SQL queries plus the use of JavaScript for client-side form validation. This is something I would like to study up on in my free time. I think I did alright in this crash course.